Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea

Discover Tranquillity with Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea: A Harmony of Traditional Chinese Medicine Flowers that Balance Heart and Mind.


Life’s relentless pace and constant demands can leave us feeling drained, stressed, and desperately in need of moments of tranquillity and rest. The nightly struggle with mental chatter and the challenge of winding down can make it difficult to attain a peaceful state of mind. Enter Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea — a simple and subtle solution to soothe and relax both body and mind.

Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea
Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea

Properties and Health Benefits of Flowers in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The foundation of Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea rests on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specifically targeting the intricate issue of Liver Qi stagnation. This ancient wisdom recognises the liver’s role in orchestrating the smooth flow of Qi, the vital life force circulating within us. Disruptions to this flow can manifest in a range of physical and emotional issues including sleep disturbances.

He Huan Hua

He Huan Hua

Central to the therapeutic design is He Huan Hua, a powerful Chinese herb celebrated for its calming properties. This flower goes beyond merely soothing nerves and reducing anxiety—it nurtures emotional well-being by harmonising Qi flow, especially within the liver meridian. The primary aim of the Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea is to alleviate sleep disturbances linked to Liver Qi stagnation. He Huan Hua gently lulls the mind into relaxation, easing tension and fostering restful sleep. Its traditional role in improving sleep quality and addressing insomnia underscores its significance in this harmonious blend.

Mei Gui Hua

Mei Gui Hua / Rose Flower

Adding to the magic of the tea is Mei Gui Hua, known for its calming and skin-nourishing properties. Harmonising seamlessly with He Huan Hua, Mei Gui Hua uplifts the spirit and promotes emotional balance.

Ju Hua

Ju Hua / Chrysanthemum Flower

Completing the trio is Ju Hua, contributing to eye health, immune support, and liver detoxification. Its inclusion aligns perfectly with the holistic approach of TCM, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced health benefit.

Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea

3 Flower Sleep Easy Tea

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Together, He Huan Hua, Mei Gui Hua, and Ju Hua create a symphony of well-being in every cup. Beyond calming the mind and supporting emotional balance, this combination promotes relaxation and potential eye health benefits. The flavours and aromas of these flowers intertwine to craft a tea that not only delights the senses but also nurtures overall health


Common Questions and Tips

Is it Safe?

Yes, Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea is crafted with precision and care. A blend of handpicked herbs, ethically sourced ingredients, and natural purity, this tea aligns with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Scientific research supports the health benefits, yet it is essential to consult healthcare professionals, especially if you are on medications or have underlying health conditions.

It is Sustainable Packaging?

We are commitment to eco-friendly, reusable, and heat-sealable packaging. Crafted with precision, our double-layered barrier, marrying kraft paper and recyclable CPP plastic, shields the tea from humidity, gases, and odours, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and quality. The recyclable plastic introduces an eco-conscious layer, devoid of harmful by-products during reprocessing. Inherently friendly to the environment, it aligns seamlessly with our pledge to responsible packaging, offering you not just tea but a sip toward a greener, more tranquil world.

Embrace Nature’s Calm

Let the calming properties of He Huan Hua, Mei Gui Hua, and Ju Hua guide you into a rejuvenating night’s sleep. This holiday season, gift yourself the serenity you deserve and share the harmony with your loved ones. Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea — a sip toward peace, balance, and a tranquil heart and mind.

3 Flower Sleep Easy Tea

Additional Tips for Holistic Well-being

Consistent Routine

Incorporate the 3 Flower Sleep Easy Tea into a nightly ritual, signalling to your body that it’s time to unwind and prepare for rest.


Enhance the tea-drinking experience with reflective journaling. Jot down your thoughts, gratitude, or aspirations for a peaceful mind before bedtime.

Mindful Breathing

Practice mindful breathing while sipping your tea. Inhale the calming aroma, exhale tension or stress.

Tea Meditation

Turn teatime into a meditative practice. Focus on the sensory experience—the warmth, fragrance, and soothing taste.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Set the mood for relaxation by dimming lights, lighting candles, or playing soft music. A cosy atmosphere enhances the calming effect.

Digital Detox

Take a break from screens while enjoying your tea. Blue light from devices can interfere with your natural sleep-wake cycle.

Share Tea Moments

If possible, share the experience with a friend or loved one. Enjoying a cup together creates a shared moment of tranquillity.

Explore Other Blends

Discover additional teas from PureBei that complement your wellness journey with diverse flavours and potential health benefits.

In every cup of Purebei’s Three Flower Sleep Easy Tea, discover not just a beverage but a sip toward peace, balance, and a tranquil heart and mind.

Wishing you serene restful nights and joyful moments of self-care.